What do I offer?


I offer a regular time and space, where the focus is on you. This is an invitation and permission to be still, to be quiet; to talk about whatever is important to you. It is about you, and what you want to explore.

Counselling offers an opportunity to make sense the past: of life, feelings, experiences and hurts. Who we have been, what we have experienced, good and bad, shape us into the people we are today.

Many of us have unresolved issues: loss, hurt, abuse, anger, broken or difficult relationships – if they remain unresolved, we carry these into future situations and relationships and are at risk of repeating familiar patterns.

Counselling is an opportunity to identify patterns, beliefs, and perhaps misconceptions about yourself and others also a chance to identify and value your strengths and abilities.

My aim is to provide a secure base, a safe place from which to explore. I will sit with you, give you space, and allow you to set the agenda and the pace. I will explore issues with you, look at options and possibilities, and encourage you to find your own way forward.

I am confident in talking with and listening to people. I am skillful at building a trusting working relationship, allowing people to express their feelings, wishes and struggles. I will demonstrate the core conditions of unconditional positive regard, congruence, and empathy towards you and your world.